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I’m so lucky that I found all of that and so much more in you.
I am wishing the most incredible birthday today to my beautiful lover!
Happy birthday! I love you with all my heart, my dear!
My sweet, caring lover, you are the person that I admire and adore most in the world. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!
My sweet, caring lover, you are the person that I admire and adore most in the world. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!
Happy birthday. I pray all your birthday wishes to come true.
Do not count the candles, but see the light they give. Don't count your years but the life you live. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday! Remember that the best is yet to come.
You are older than you were yesterday, but don't worry; you are younger than you will be tomorrow. Happy birthday.
21. Happy birthday to you. You are smart, funny, and fabulous, just like me!
All of us wish you a day filled with happiness and a joyous year ahead. Happy birthday!
Heads up! Catch that smile! It's from me to you. Happy birthday.

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Birthday wishes for Teacher

I am fortunate that I am one of your proud students. My position would not be like it’s today without your teaching and guidance. Happy birthday, teacher!

Happy birthday to you, teacher. You inspire me with your thoughts, wisdom, and ideas, and I always respect you!

Happy birthday, dear teacher. I admire you for educating us with dignity and sincerity!

As my teacher, you are the most respectful person to me after my parents. Happy birthday, dear mam!

Happy birthday, teacher. You have always inspired and helped me to become the person I am today. So your contribution to my life is really unforgettable!

You are not only my teacher but a life coach also because you teach me good manners besides academic lessons. Happy birthday, sir!

Having a teacher like you in life is an assurance that no matter how difficult life becomes, I will never be lost in the darkness. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, teacher. Thank you for being not only my favorite teacher but also my mentor and my life coach.

Here is to another year of sharing your great wisdom and knowledge with your students. Happy birthday, favorite teacher.

Forever thankful to you for shaping my life. You will always remain my favorite teacher. Happy birthday.

Thank you teacher for guiding us, for inspiring us, for making us what we are today. Happy birthday dear sir.

Happy birthday principal mam. Your guidance has helped me a lot throughout my life. Thanks for being such an amazing teacher.

Thank you for tolerating all the silly mischiefs that we do in your class. But we do our homework properly, you know that. Happy birthday!

I admire your talent. What you do for your students is absolutely priceless. I feel extremely blessed to have you as my teacher. May this day be unforgettable. Happy birthday!

The older you get the more knowledge you have. I’m so glad that today I can celebrate your wisdom. Thank you for being so supportive and understanding. Happy birthday!

We all respect you, teacher. You are not like all, you are not a standard teacher. You teach us to be good persons. Happy birthday!

You are the most reputable person at our school. We appreciate your love and life lessons. Happy birthday, dear teacher!

We all of your students love you because you are an efficient teacher and a sweet talker. Happy birthday, teacher!

Happy birthday to my first mentor, first idol, and first hero. Dear teacher, I will always look up to you.

Happy birthday to my absolute favorite teacher!

You’re certainly the best teacher I ever had and your classes are the only classes that I miss so bad, happy bday my dear teacher!

Wishing you a calm and relaxed birthday this year, teacher!

Happy Birthday to one of the best Maths Teacher in the World.

You have taught me the importance of learning from mistakes and improving my abilities. For that, I consider you the best teacher in this whole world. Happy birthday!

Nothing in this world is truly flawless, except for the advice I get from you, my beloved teacher, which is truly priceless. Wonderful bday!

Dear teacher, you taught us a lot of things in life. Now, let us teach you how to party on your birthday, best bday!

People say education is the sweetest gift a teacher gives to students. But we weren’t able to taste that sweetness before you entered our classroom. Thanks a lot for making learning fun and cool! Happy birthday!

Teacher, Thank you for teaching me, it was a great pleasure to be your student. We will be always grateful for you. Happy birthday, to our dearest teacher…

I am so lucky because God gifted me a teacher like you who always help me to become a good student Happy birthday dear, SIR…

I wish my sweet maths teacher a happy birthday. With you as my mentor, I would pass all hurdles in the subject to excel well with flying colours in future.

Teacher, I’m very sorry for my disobedience and undone home works. You are very patient and good teacher. Happy birthday!

We love you, teacher! You are like a family member for us. We wish you to have a great day, joyful time and incredible time outside of school. Happy birthday!

Heartiest Happy Birthday wishes for my lovely maths teacher. I send gifts for you to celebrate the day of your inspiring hard work and effort.

Thank you for all your care, forgiveness and guides principal. I look up to you because you are a person worth looking up to. Happy birth date!!

Your guidelines, your principles, and your directions give new ways towards the destination. Wishing

Dear teacher, wishing you a very best bday. Thank you for being the world’s best mentor! I just feel so lucky to have you as my teacher.

You’re a woman like a man, we’ll would rarely find a man that possess a better leadership trait than what you’ve exhibited here. Happy Birthday Madam Principal.

A guru is someone who has a significant imprint on the disciple’s mind. You made me wise enough to make difficult life decisions by myself. I will be always thankful to you. Happy Birthday, Sir.

You have supported me, guided me and we are very thankful for what you have done for me, Dear Teacher, Wish you a very very happy birthday!

Dear Teacher, your lessons and your friendship made my life better. You are a wonderful teacher. Happy Birthday!

You are an inspiration and I always want to be like you. Thank you for being there with me and for supporting me. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher. .

You not only taught me dance technique, but also awakened new perceptions in me, which have helped me in diverse ways. I can never thank you enough for that. Happy birthday.

Sometimes the stuff we learn in class every day is exciting. Sometimes with all the homework, things get really dull and boring. But all that doesn’t matter because as a teacher you are just amazing. Happy birthday.

You are one of our favorite teacher. You have taught us to right from wrong. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear teacher.

Everyone can teach lessons that are INSIDE books but only gifted teachers like you can subtly weave them along with other life-lessons from OUTSIDE the books. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dearest teacher! Thank you for your amazing energy and your special ability to light up even the dullest days!

Thank you for tolerating all our antics all year round. And for that, we will do everything you will say without any single frown, happy birthday!

Dear teacher, you have given me the knowledge to succeed in life. I have learned discipline, friendship and more from one special person. I wish you all of the best on your special day.

I have never had a teacher as cool as you. You are like a Popsicle on a hot day, a masterpiece made of clay. This is all to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank you for making the right changes in our kids. You taught them not to give up until they have achieved what they should.

Everyone can teach from books, but you teach us from your life lessons. Thank you, teacher, and happy birthday! I just wish you a patience with all of us. We aren’t bad kids, we love you. Congratulations!

Dear teacher, thank you for all your sleepless nights with our home works. Thank you for being in our lives!

Thank you for sharing your life experience and advice. They are the best way to learn something useful. Hope you’ll always help us. Wish you all the success and happiness. Happy birthday!

Dearest teacher, just so you know how much you have changed my life, I want to say that when I grow up, I want to be a teacher like you, wonderful birthday!

A happy day for the smartest teacher in the world. His classes not only make us learn they are also very entertaining, we wish him the best on this day.

Happy birthday sir/madam! Hopefully this birthday can be a turning point for teachers to achieve even greater goals.

You are one of our favourite teachers. You have taught us what is right and what is wrong. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear teacher!

By teaching me math, you didn’t just teach me how to add numbers but also how to add value to my life. Happy birthday teacher.

Having a teacher like you in life is an assurance that no matter how difficult life becomes, I will never be lost in the darkness. Happy birthday!

The blessing of yours is wings to me, by which I can fly to my dreams and achieve my goals. Thank you for your teaching and support. Happy Birthday!

I wish you the happiest day full of sunshine on your birthday. God bless you. My dear teacher.

I don’t know why most of the youth hates being a teacher but I have always been inspired by you and I love being the wonderful teacher like you. Happy B’day my Guru.

Happy birthday to you my first mentor, my idol, my inspiration and my hero. Thank you for being the best teacher I’ve ever had… I always admire you.

You are not the only teacher I’ve had, but yours are the only classes that I miss real bad. Happy birthday.

I have worked hard and I have made it this far; but all my success I owe to your motivation and life lessons. Happiest birthday to the best teacher ever!

With tremendous power comes tremendous responsibility. On your birthday, we want to tell you how well you handle it.

At the risk of getting too mushy, I want to use your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for all you’ve done for me, both scholastically and emotionally.

I didn’t think so at the time, but the writing skills you taught me really helped me in job hunting, career and life in general—happy birthday (and thanks).

Nothing in this world is truly flawless, except for the advice I get from you, my beloved teacher, which is truly priceless. Wonderful bday!

Each and every child’s life has a teacher whose advices, teachings and wisdom are engraved in the mind for even a lifetime. For me, that is you. Happy birthday!

I know Education is important that’s why you take it seriously to teach us, happy birthday teacher

I just want to see you happy, happy birthday teacher

Let’s have a break and enjoy this day to celebrate your birthday, happy birthday teacher

Actually, history is my favorite subject because I love to read about history of our country, happy birthday teacher

You are doing excellent job by making our career, happy birthday teacher

21 ) You are our mentor and guide. we really respect and pray for you on your birthday. May this day bring to you all things that make you smile.

It‘s a birthday of our friendly teacher. Thank you for making learning so fun!

Dear Teacher, wish you all the best for your future plans and wonderful life ahead. I hope this day brings a smile on your face as you made everyone happy around you.

The encouragement from you is the right push to get started. I am thankful for everything you have done. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

You are the most wonderful mentor anyone can have. I am lucky to have a coach like you. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

You are the best teacher in the world and you deserve the best birthday. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

Wholeheartedly grateful for all your sacrifice and guidance, dear teacher. Many happy returns of the day.

Dear teacher, by teaching me math, you are not only teaching me how to compute numbers, but you are also teaching me how to add value into my precious life.

Thank you for tolerating all our antics all year round. And for that, we will do everything you will say without any single frown, wonderful birthday!

You made every day of school for me a special day. Best wishes on your birthday.

A teacher deserves the highest respect because his contribution to society is the biggest of all. Thank you for your service to humanity. Happy birthday!

Thank you for making our school life enjoyable and interesting. Without you, everything would have been so boring. Happy birthday to you!

You were the one who never told that I failed, always encouraged me to try again and helped to become confident and successful person. Thank you so much, dear teacher, happy birthday to you!

I’m seriously indebted to you for everything you do. Thank you for teaching me how to learn. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are!

You are one of our favourite teachers. You have taught us what is right and what is wrong. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear teacher!

You may not be as young as you once were, but the things you’ve taught me are more relevant than ever! I hope you have an awesome birthday!

This gift will never make up for the contributions that you have given us, but we like to think that you will like it nevertheless. Happy birthday, teacher!

Cheers to yet another birthday, teacher! May this year bring you all the achievements that you were looking forward to! Happy birthday!

Today, we celebrate you, teacher! Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true and may your students get better and better with each passing year.

You gave me much more than just knowing that I’m supposed to know for my exams. Happy birthday teacher, and I hope that you will have an amazing birthday celebration today.

You are surely that greatest teacher for me because among all the classes, yours are the ones I miss the most. Have a happy birthday, teacher!

My teacher, you have been my Math teacher and you have taught me different mathematical formula. But what I’m most grateful for is that you also teach me how to value my life.

The best teachers are also the best leaders because they lead us to be contributors of something good to the humanity and history. Happy birthday, our favorite leader!

It’s easy to be a student than a teacher because we are just graded by our performance. A teacher’s job is more complicated than that. Have a fantastic birthday!

Great teachers don’t only teach great lessons from the book but they also encourage us to be better in life. Thank you because you are a great teacher. Have a wonderful birthday!

My favorite teacher, I am forever grateful to you for always being there to support and encourage me. Happy birthday!