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I’m so lucky that I found all of that and so much more in you.
I am wishing the most incredible birthday today to my beautiful lover!
Happy birthday! I love you with all my heart, my dear!
My sweet, caring lover, you are the person that I admire and adore most in the world. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!
My sweet, caring lover, you are the person that I admire and adore most in the world. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!
Happy birthday. I pray all your birthday wishes to come true.
Do not count the candles, but see the light they give. Don't count your years but the life you live. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday! Remember that the best is yet to come.
You are older than you were yesterday, but don't worry; you are younger than you will be tomorrow. Happy birthday.
21. Happy birthday to you. You are smart, funny, and fabulous, just like me!
All of us wish you a day filled with happiness and a joyous year ahead. Happy birthday!
Heads up! Catch that smile! It's from me to you. Happy birthday.

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Birthday wishes for Male Best Friend

Thanks for another year of being an awesome friend. Happy birthday dear friend!

I am so proud to be your best friend. May you have a happy and healthy birthday!

Wishing you the very best and most glorious birthday to my friend! Hope to wish you all the happiness, joy, and love in the world.

You understand me like nobody else. I have a sibling in you my friend. Happy birthday to my best friend!

Birthday is a day to eat and have fun. May you have all the fun on this special day in your life. Happy birthday, friend!

A best friend is the one with whom you share happiness, love, and laughter. A best friend is one with whom I can share grief, too. Happy birthday to my best friend!

Happy birthday to the best friend I have ever had

Friends like you are rare to find, without you my life would be empty. Happy birthday, my friend!

When you are around me, I feel at ease and happy. Happy Birthday to my best friend

Lovely friends deserve lovely birthdays; I am committed to making that happen, consider it as a token of your consistent and selfless actions.

Happy birthday to my friend forever. I wish you immense joy, laughter, and love on this beautiful day. Enjoy, it’s your day!

I am very lucky to find a best friend like you. You are the greatest inspiration of my life. I wish you the best birthday and a great future ahead.

There is no one as close to me as you. You are my best friend! Happy Birthday to you! I wish you a happy life!

I wish you a happy and colorful birthday my friend. May your dreams come true on this special day!

Friends come and go, only a true friend leaves their marks on our hearts. Happy birthday to my true best friend!

Time does not stop, it is always running. I wish that all your years are memorable and special. Happy birthday, my only friend!

May your smile never fade away and may you have an amazing time with the people you love. Happy birthday, have a nice day ahead…

Stay healthy, stay young and do whatever you want to do as it is your day!

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing friend like you! Wishing you a great birthday, a superb year and a fantastic year ahead!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. And yes, I know that sappy stuff makes you cringe. But we don’t always get what we want for our birthday, do we?

Everyone should have a great friend in their life, so I guess you’re lucky that you have me! Happy birthday to you, man!

I just want to say happy birthday to you, and I am happy to be your friend. Have this day a fantastic one ahead.

We’re all here to greet you on your special day. May you have an amazing and memorable day and may all of your dreams and wishes come true today. Happiest birthday!

Maybe I am not telling it so often, but I value our friendship. Friends like you make life special! On your birthday I wish you success and endless happiness!

Congratulations on getting old. Enjoy as much as you can because these days are never going to come back. Happy birthday, a lifeline. May God bless you.

Happy birthday, my dear friend. This day belongs to you and you only. May the good Lord pour His love and blessings on you. Stay blessed, my friend.

Wishing a fabulous birthday to a wonderful colleague. May happiness be your best buddy and accompany you until the end of time. Have a great one.

Dear best friend, thank you for making me feel safe and keeping everything super lit. May we keep on rolling fine, love you. Happy birthday xoxo

Sending the warmest birthday greetings to a great friend and colleague who has always been kind and generous to me. Thank you so much.

A wish you my lovely friend that your special day becomes brighter and brighter and filled with lots of joy, laughter, and happiness.

I want to say happy birthday to you, and I am pleased and happy that you are plus one today. I want to be happy with you all my life, you are just the best ever, happy birthday to the best friend on earth.

Colleagues like you are as rare as a rainbow in the sky. May you continue to be an inspiration to me and everyone around you. Happy birthday.

Goodness and mercy are conspiring to hold you captive and I am in cohort with them. You deserve what is coming for you. Happy Birthday.

On your special day, I wish you nothing but only joyous surprises and exciting adventures ahead. Happy birthday!

"Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder."

"You were born on this date, so we are going to put fire sticks in baked goods and sing at you while you sit there awkwardly."

"Woah, time flies when you're having fun! How'd we get so old?"

Happy birthday sweet lovely friend, I miss you so much, have a nice day. I hope you will enjoy your day.

I just want to say happy birthday to you, I am happy to be your friend. Have this day a fantastic one ahead.

Always believe you can get it done, it is possible to be whatever you want to be. Happy birthday, love.

Wishing you the best of luck on earth, I am sure you understand what it takes to be number one on a mind. .

Wishing you the best of lucks as you have always wished others on this earth. You are always the best.

I am happy to have you by my side, you have been there just as a blood brother will be. Happy birthday, friend.

Today I'm shouting from the rooftops that it's my best friend's birthday, hooray!

Birthdays come once a year, but best friends are once in a lifetime. I'm so happy to call you mine!

Thank you for always picking up the phone, for giving the world's best hugs, and for supporting everything I do. Here's to you on your birthday best friend!

If you're getting old, does that mean I am too?! Happy Birthday, old timer!

"Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift." —Aretha Franklin

Today is a special day because it is the birth of the girl that I love the most, my bestie.

You know my capability to remember all the historical years with accurate dates during our history classes? Well, your birth date was not of course, so I did not remember. Belated birthday wishes sprinkled with a sorry kept in the dungeon!

It is awesome to be in the youth stage and full of energy and active. Do you even remember how it used to feel like?

I made some cake for your birthday this year. It is going to be tasty and just like you want it. But then, unfortunately, I could not find a place to light enough candles. Then I remembered, oh! Your age.

Happy birthday to my best friend! We are such a great team: I am smart, good-looking and talented and you are great at being my friend!

I am missing your height, weight, and age. You are my best friend, and today is special because I found you! Happy Birthday to you.’

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! May you have the most amazing year ever.

May you have a wonderful birthday! I am thankful for our friendship. You always side with me in all matters and accept my every decision. I am blessed to have a friend like you in my life. Wish you a very happy birthday!

Once every generation a real lady’s man is born. That man would like to wish you happy birthday!

I’m so lucky to find a best friend like you. You’re my life’s biggest inspiration. Wish you the best birthday ever and a great future ahead.

Happy birthday, a lifeline. May God bless you.

Dear friend! May you have all the joy that your heart can hold? I wish that your life will be filled up with joy. Happy birthday my dear best friend!

Thank you for being my safe house. May Almighty bless you and let me continue to treasure you. Love you.

I wish every day is your birthday so that your age increases every day and you die soon. But this is not going to happen, unfortunately. So, happy birthday dear friend, only once a year!

Birthday wishes are sent from the most brilliant and wise person of the era, especially to you. Happy birthday my friend.

Here is wishing you an extraordinary birthday celebration with lots of fun. You rock bro!

Happy, happy birthday! You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs and happiness today. Enjoy your day my friend!

I am so proud to be your best friend. May you have a happy and healthy birthday!

I am so thankful and happy that we are best friends. Enjoy your birthday and happy birthday wishes for my best friend!

May we keep on jamming and glamming together, forever. Happy birthday, best friend.

Best friends like you come along once in a lifetime. Happy Birthday!

You’re not just my best friend. You’re the best, period. Happy Birthday!

Wishing the best day ever for the best friend ever. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my lovely friend. You’ve come as a pleasure in my life, and your friendship is a harmony to my heart. May your life be filled with abundant love!

There is no one so close to me rather than you. You are my male best friend ever! Happy birthday to you! Wishing you a happy life!

Sending warm wishes to the special person of my life who magnifies my happiness and whose presence doubles my joy. May you have an awesome birthday evening!

Today is the youngest you ever will be, so enjoy like there is no tomorrow. May your smile keep shining. I love you so much; many happy returns of the day.

Among the many reasons to celebrate this special day, the most wonderful reason is that you are getting more beautiful every year. Happy birthday my beautiful friend.

A true friend is the one who stands for you when no one does. Happy birthday to the true friend ever. May God bless you!

If you were not born today this world would be deprived of a great fool to be made fun of. I mean you really are a funny person. Happy birthday dear friend.

I love how we’re such good friends that we can forget to buy each other presents on our birthdays and it’s no big deal.

Happy Birthday to my bestie! You have so many great qualities, but probably my favorite is that you’re older than me!

If you put on slightly low make-up, you can actually save some more money for a birthday party. Happy birthday to our make-up queen!

Happy Birthday to the best person I know. Your integrity is to be admired, and your life is to be celebrated. Here’s to you, my friend!

Special friends are a rare find, but am I glad that you are one of mine! Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget!

When you came into my life, you are like long-awaited rain that fell on drought. You’ve saved me countless of times. My heart is filled with gratitude for you. Best bday.

A great friend like you deserves nothing but the best things in life. May you have another year full of wonderful things to unfold. Best birthday.

You are my friend. You are always there for me, supporting me, encouraging me, listening to me and all those other things that friends do. Happy Birthday Friend.

I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic birthday!

I was thinking since from last month what to send on your birthday. Sorry, you’re inexpressible in words.

As you celebrate another year, it also signals another year of our blooming friendship. Happy birthday!

Not everyone in this world is fortunate enough to be blessed with such a caring, thoughtful and reliable friend. That is exactly the reason why I feel so lucky! Happy birthday.

A day like today was born a person whom I appreciate and wish for all the good things in the world to happen to him. Come on, and you were also born. Happy Birthday!

YI wish you a happy day, and that you enjoy your age, that you have been serving the same years for several years. Happy Birthday!

This congratulation is for all birthdays. Next year I’ll make you a new one. Congratulations!

Years are like snot; the older you have, the more difficult it is to breathe. I hope you don’t have a lot of snot. Congratulations!

I smile because one more year, you are my friend.

And you are great being my friend!

I wish everyday of your life becomes as joyous as your birthday. Happy birthday.

“If I was asked to write a birthday wish for you, I’d just draw a heart – because that’s what our friendship means to me. Happy birthday.“

“Gifts can be thrown away, but the wishes of true friends like me will stay with you for the rest of your life. Happy birthday my friend.“

“A very happy birthday to my best friend, may all your dream comes true.“

“If our friendship was a legal contract, it would be just five words – I’ll Be There For You. Happy birthday.“